Monday, May 5, 2008

New Developments

So life with Jewell in the last couple of weeks has changed from barely surviving to totally amazing. Two things changed: (1) Wifey put Jewell on the formula and (2) Jewell started going to sleep much easier. So Jeanie is much happier and Jewell is much happier. And that makes me much happier. Another new development is Jewell's level of interaction. She has started touching her toys when we put her in the bouncer or lay her down. She's just being so cute all of the time that I never even want to leave the house.
Jewell's Turtle Hat
Spring Flowers
Reading Her Book


Tysha & Jacob said...

Did Jewell's hair turn red? Maybe it's just the light, but it is looking so red in these pictures! Or maybe Auburn? Cute! Glad to hear things are going better :) They will just continue to get better and better!

Travis said...

Yeah it's just the light on her hair. But it is a beautiful red isn't it?