Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Sister

Jewell is warming up to her role as a big sister. When she was first introduced to Ivy at the hospital she didn't know what to think. She just seemed perplexed. She would shrink away when we tried to put Ivy next to her. When Ivy came home Jewell continued to keep her distance.

But not for long. The change into big sister mode came when we put Ivy down for her first nap. "Where is the baby?" asked Jewell. Amazingly Ivy slept through her sisters exclamations of delight at learning the bassinet was not just for stuffed animals.

Older sister moments/interactions:
  • Jewell loves to hold her sister.
  • Jewell will gently stroke her sisters head.
  • When Jewell tries to say Ivy it comes out "I-fie".
  • If Ivy cries Jewell runs in from the other room and while patting Ivy's head with both hands repeats, "You're ok, you're ok."

New Baby!

On Tuesday May 18th at 7:31 am Ivy Lynne Nelson was born. Just like Jewell she was born one day before her due date. She weighed in at 9 lbs 1.2 ounces and was 22 1/4 inches long. Ivy looks quite a lot like her older sister did when she was born. Of course both of them are as cute as can be!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A little bit of commentary: Jewell is by far the best thing to take pictures of, so that's pretty much what we have! I (Jeanie) have been taking her to playgrounds and parks as often as possible (there is a play group the moms in our ward hold every Tuesday at the local park). She does a lot of cute things at home, of course. Above you can see her sporting her favorite beanie hat (thank you, Emma Nelson), and her love for stuffed animals. Like many toddlers, she loves to run around with nothing but a diaper (or nothing at all). She also loves books... and every second of time she gets to spend with her daddy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 Years Old

Jewell turned two on January 29th, and I think had a pretty great birthday. We celebrated in Milton-Freewater at Travis' parents, a weekend trip we made so that I could attend Amanda Nelson's baby shower. Grandma Jorgensen's birthday was that Sunday and there was a big dinner with Aunt Colleen and Uncle Gene in attendance. Their granddaughter, Taylor, was there, who turned out to be a great playmate to help Jewell break in her new toys. Jewell got a set of beads (ages 4 and up, but we supervise) and a 6-in-1 doll set (playpen, front pack, carrier, bouncer, changing pad, and clip-on high chair). Only $19 at Target! There's a plug for ya.
Much thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Nelson for the wonderful ice cream cake!

Playing on with some of the toys at Grandma & Grandpa Nelson's house.
The Hello Kitty birthday balloon, which she wanted to take with her everywhere: to the library, to Church (we didn't) even to bed (I snuck in after she was asleep and pried it from her clutches).
Cute little redhead
Putting her blankie "on". Thankfully, Jewell enjoys brushing her teeth. She uses a variety of toothbrushes at once and insists on having the water run the whole time. It makes me cringe, but I'm picking my battles.
Tending to the needs of her stuffed animals

Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Holidays

Have I started a New Year's Eve tradition for our family? This year, I made clam chowder. The best I have ever had! Thank you Costco, Martha Stewart, and Doogers for your supplies, recipe, and inspiration, respectively.

Christmas morning at Grandma & Grandpa Nelsons. Jewell is holding the Christmas stocking I made her.

Jewell had a lot of fun with her Aunt Tiffany, and kept asking her to come "sing" at the piano.

Some pics (still in the parking lot) of our sledding trip on Christmas eve. Jewell was NOT very excited about it. In fact, this year we bought her some pink snow boots and black snow pants, but she despises the snow pants so much she seems to have rebelled against all snow activity. Must buy pink everything from now on to ensure that it meets Jewell's standards. I basically had to hold her the entire time we were out sledding, which wasn't too much fun for me. But it was still amazingly beautiful outside. (For better sledding pics of the trip, and shots of a little girl who IS having fun, see Heath & Michele's blog).

The family photo: despite wild children and a freezing cultural hall, we made it happen! Thanks everyone for your cooperation.

Back in Selah at the ward Christmas party, Jewell got her first good taste of Santa Claus. Although she enjoyed the little toy doll he gave her, she was not otherwise amused.