Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 Years Old

Jewell turned two on January 29th, and I think had a pretty great birthday. We celebrated in Milton-Freewater at Travis' parents, a weekend trip we made so that I could attend Amanda Nelson's baby shower. Grandma Jorgensen's birthday was that Sunday and there was a big dinner with Aunt Colleen and Uncle Gene in attendance. Their granddaughter, Taylor, was there, who turned out to be a great playmate to help Jewell break in her new toys. Jewell got a set of beads (ages 4 and up, but we supervise) and a 6-in-1 doll set (playpen, front pack, carrier, bouncer, changing pad, and clip-on high chair). Only $19 at Target! There's a plug for ya.
Much thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Nelson for the wonderful ice cream cake!

Playing on with some of the toys at Grandma & Grandpa Nelson's house.
The Hello Kitty birthday balloon, which she wanted to take with her everywhere: to the library, to Church (we didn't) even to bed (I snuck in after she was asleep and pried it from her clutches).
Cute little redhead
Putting her blankie "on". Thankfully, Jewell enjoys brushing her teeth. She uses a variety of toothbrushes at once and insists on having the water run the whole time. It makes me cringe, but I'm picking my battles.
Tending to the needs of her stuffed animals


Diana said...

I love the "it makes me cringe" comment. BUT YES PICK YOUR BATTLES! Michael likes to suck on his toothbrush but doesn't spit, and so we have done toothpaste yet. And we have to hold him down when we want a solid brushing. (and knowing how much sugar we consume at our house, it's important to brush!)

Happy birthday Jewell! You are so lucky to have so many wonderful toys, and your parents, and family, and a toothbrush!

Anonymous said...

cute blog!
i wish i had the color of your daughters hair!