Sunday, May 10, 2009

Counting Backward through Another Month

Here is our last month in reverse. Sorry we haven't posted for so long! This first little group is from yesterday when Travis took some time off working so we could see the annual Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center (under the Space Needle). We walked around and looked at all the shopping booths and listened to some live music.

Here is Jewell playing on our back porch. She is wearing a cute summer outfit from Grandma Nelson.

Last weekend we were on vacation at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon. Travis' brother, Blake, met us there for a three-night stay at the Inn. We relaxed and played in the swimming pools when we weren't at Smith Rock State Park, rock climbing (or at least they were: I was sick!)

On our drive back we were lucky to stop in Kiezer, Oregon, to see Heath and Michele's family. We went to Church and then spent some fun playing on the grass in the sun. Note Jewell's fancy walking skills.

In the farming countryside surrounding Smith Rock, someone constructed this full-size pirate ship" made mostly of bales of hay. (I took this picture for you, Mom!)

Beautiful Smith Rock at last! Too bad I was horribly sick and barely made it out of this gorgeous gorge alive! We'll be back.

Travis and Blake enjoying as much climbing as they can before it gets too hot.

Tending Jewell

Jewell enjoyed many dips in the resort kiddy pool. She didn't want to leave!

A quick stop on our way through Vancouver, Washington, we had lunch at Burgerville with Grandma Athay. Jewell loves balloons. And we love Grandma!

An attempt to pull Jewell's hair back out of her face. It lasted about as long as it took to take this photo.

I went to Utah at the beginning of May to visit my parents, my brother David and his little boy Jonah. I was also able to meet with a client I have there (she does a jewelry line called Annie M.) I designed this sign (and the logo) shown here at her display at a recent Women's Expo held at the Utah Valley University.

In Grandpa's backyard (Provo, Utah) playing with cousin Jonah and Uncle David

Back in Seattle. Jewell on the Bed, Series II (with slicked hair, so refreshing)

Dinner time

Jewell on the Bed, Series I

Assembling Jewell's life-changing toy: a little stroller that helped her learn to walk (not without a lot of tantrums in the process). Followed by a photoof her happily walking with the stroller.

Shoulder riding to our little park

Look out below!


A quick snack