Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jewell's First Day at the Beach

Jewell had her first day at the beach today. Unfortunately it was too cold for her to suit up. We were at the Oregon Coast in Pacific City. It was a neat trip for Jeanie and I because we went to dinner with Heath and Michele in Pacific city on our honeymoon three years ago.

It was amazing to reflect on how much we've built since then. Jeanie and I were just staring our lives together then. Now we have grown so much and we have brought a wonderful baby into our family.

So Jewell really loved the beach. At first I though that she was too cold because I was carrying her in the Baby Bjorn face out. So I could only feel her wiggling but I couldn't see her face. But actually she was excited and wiggly -- not cold and wiggly.

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Tysha & Jacob said...

Ahhhh...the Oregon Coast! Gotta love it! And what a cute little family pic!