Saturday, May 24, 2008

My First Day at the Crag

So our friends Britt and Aaron had a baby a month before we did. Their daughter is named Emery. Because Emery is a month older it seems like she is Jewell's big sister who gets to do everything first.

Well not to be outdone by her friend who is a month older Jewell had to have her own first day at the crag too. Some friends of ours came with us today and made it possible for us to take Jewell along. Thanks Amy, Alan, and Dave.

Here are some pictures from Jewell's first day out climbing with us. She did pretty well. We even got her to take a few short naps while we were out. She was pretty exhausted when we got home but I'd have to say she held up pretty well considering how tired she was. (She did break down once during the day but when Daddy held her for a while she calmed down -- I was so proud.)
The Hike Up With Daddy

Keepin' Warm With Mommy

My Little Nap Station

Where is Everyone?

Mommy and Me Lookin' Good in Nature

The Whole Gang


emerywilk said...

Yeah, Jewell! Isn't the crag awesome! I'm glad you did good. I always have at least 1 breakdown too, so don't worry. :) We are the coolest "crag babies" ever!

BrittWilk said...

Soooo fun! I'm so glad Jewell liked it! Jeanie - you look so happy, beautiful, skinny and wonderful! I miss you! And Travis... your hair is really long. :) But we miss you too.

We took Em to the Black Corridor today. I finally got the Tiny Tim climb... 3 years later.

Travis said...

Well I am glad that my hair doesn't disqualify me from being missed.

Congrats on getting the Tiny Tim climb. I was actually thinking about him the other day. I can't remember why now. I think someone brought up spiders in a church lesson or something.