Monday, March 31, 2008

Going Crazy!

***April Fools Post***

So Jeanie and I have been going crazy over how difficult it is to be parents. At times Jewell is requiring up to two hours to put her to sleep. That means rocking, shushing, swaddling, and going in a dark room fro two hours! And then many times she'll only sleep only half an hour before waking up.

So Jeanie has been doing some research and we have decided to try the Ferber Method. Otherwise known as cry-it-out. We started trying this method before but it didn't work so well. Jeanie was freaking out and Jewell showed a great ability to cry at full volume for a very long time.

But this time we are prepared. We have developed our own Ferber/Nelson method of teaching a child to put themselves to sleep. In case you didn't follow the supplied link the Ferber method basically involves letting your baby cry themselves to sleep. The modifications that we have made are slight but make a huge difference.

The fact is no one wants to listen to a baby crying for hours. You can try using headphones to block the sound. But really the best solution is to stop the sound at its source. For this you will need a bandanna. Make sure to fold the bandanna into a very thin stip so that you don't cover the baby's nose. Then tie the bandanna tightly around the baby's mouth. (Note that it is very important to swaddle the baby tightly so they can't pull the silencer off.)

The next modification to the Ferber method in the Ferber/Nelson method is suspension. You need to make the baby feel like they are in the womb so they will be comfortable. We toyed around with the idea of a water tank but Jewell had so much trouble breathing with the regulator that we tossed that idea. So we decided that hanging the baby by their feet would be the best solution. (It works just like in the first Batman movie.)

So starting tonight we will begin Jewell's sleep training. We are quite confident we will have a happy, well rested baby in no time at all with these new changes.


Amin said...

Seems a little extreme, but I guess it's worth a shot. Good luck!

Mrs N said...

I'm sure this worked like a charm. For added effect, you could hang her upside down from a ceiling fan and then turn it on low. I think the gentle spinning would really lull her right to sleep.

Tysha & Jacob said...

Good luck with the Ferberizing. I've had to do it with a few of the babies I've nannied (including the current sweetie) - and it's hard. For some, they catch on fast and with a few pats on the back and a "na-night" you can walk out of the room within 3 days and they've learned to self-sooth themselves to sleep. For others, well...maybe they're more stubborn! I think the biggest thing I've noticed that helps is consistency. So even when you want to break down - don't (unless it is a cry other than the "come get me I want to be rocked and cuddled and sang to and stroked until I fall asleep" who wouldn't?)

Even though I tend to be anti-pacifier - for some babies they really really seem to need to suck to soothe. Does Jewell like a pacifier?

Again, GOOD LUCK both for her sake and for yours!

Tysha & Jacob said...

PS- I did want to add that we usually didn't use the Ferber Method until the baby was around 6 months. For a very young infant like Jewell I wouldn't recommend letting her cry it out the same way you would an older baby. We also made sure to make bedtime/naptime ritualistic - bathtime, massage, song etc. as those are rewarding activities to look forward to and also cue the baby in that soon it will be time for sleeping. Maybe ask your pediatrician? Either way, GOOD LUCK!

BrittWilk said...

brilliant, brilliant and brilliant! you guys are hilarious. i just hope no professionals or child services people see this post. :)

Travis said...
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Travis said...

It definitely would not be good if any child services people saw the posts.

Tysha thanks for the info. Actually we (meaning Jeanie) decided not to go with the Ferber method. Our decision was based both on Jewell being too young and that Jeanie just didn't feel good about it.

We haven't had much luck with the pacifier or a bottle with Jewell but we are going to keep trying. Wish us luck.

Tysha & Jacob said...

Another thought - since I just put my nanny girl down for a nap and she's one of the worst sleepers I've yet to come across - it seems silly but ALWAYS works on any baby I do it to: while rocking in a chair or swaying or whatever you do...use your thumb or index finger to very softly and smoothly go across the forehead/nose/eyebrow area back and forth, around the cheek, whatever motion or direction that suits you, just very slowly and smoothly and gently touching their skin. Even the crankiest baby eventually starts getting that droopy eyed look. It can take up to 30+ minutes or only 5, depending on the day and on the baby. You might have already tried something like that. Looking back, I've done that with every baby I've cared for and it seemed so natural I never thought of it much - but the mere motion and softness of the touch seems to calm caregiver and baby down to a relaxed state. If you haven't already - try it! Never hurts! Again, Good Luck! You will eventually find some kind of "magic touch" that will work for baby Jewell! :)

Ironman said...

As a police officer, I am obligated to report you now that I have read this post:)