Saturday, March 15, 2008

Juicy Jewell

So I'm taking my morning shower and Jeanie comes in the bathroom shouting, "Look!" I'm thinking "Oh no! Something is wrong with Jewell." Fortunately that wasn't the case. It was an exclamation of cuteness not of trouble. Jeanie had that Jewell fit her Juicy Couture jacket that is sized for a 6 month old. Jeanie was so excited. Jewell does look mighty cute in her little jacket. It is a present from Jeanie's Mom. She started looking for in on Ebay not long after Jewell was born. There are matching pants but those are still way too big.
A little Jewell in Juicy Couture.
Bonus Picture


BrittWilk said...

Ems has a little brown valour jacket... it isn't juicy but it would make cute pictures while they "play" (and yes, Travis, I, too, mean lay them on a blanket and take pictures!).

Mrs N said...

Ooh, she is soooo fashionable!

Tysha & Jacob said...

That is way too cute. And I'm not even into fashion!