Sunday, March 8, 2009

Behind the Scenes of The Paper Nut

This is Jewell and me, in our highly-worked little office. As you can see, it's common for me to do absolutely nothing with my hair. And Jewell is very clear about where she wants to be: in my lap. She already knows how to use the computer better than most people who were born before 1968.

This is really the first post I've made about The Paper Nut. Mostly I leave that to my Jeanie & Jewell blog. This week I am being featured as a guest-blogger on my friend's very impressive and highly-traffied design blog, Black*Eiffel. Here are my lovely wedding invitation designs. These are intended for letterpress, so imagine them thus. You can visit the site Travis and I have worked so hard to create here:

Click the images to view them BIGGER.

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