Sunday, April 27, 2008

Visiting Family

We went to visit Alison and Oliver today. Alison is Jeanie's cousin's widow. They only live a few miles away from us but we didn't really know them so we didn't visit until now. The difference today is that Grandma J is visiting and Oliver's grandma is Grandma J's sister-in-law who is also in town. (Did that all make sense?) So we had a connection. We had a great visit. Alison has a beautiful little home. And of course Oliver is a handsome little fellow. Oliver wasn't the least bit interested in Jewell. Well not until his mom held Jewell -- then he wasn't so happy. So we will definitely be visiting Alison more in the future. Especially since she offered to cook. (We've been told that she's a very good chef.)
The Grandmas with their grandbabies
Oliver found his old shoes very entertaining
Alison loves her little Oliver!

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