Friday, April 25, 2008

Grandma Janetski is in Town!

Jeanie has been pretty worn out lately so her mom decided to come to town to give her a break. Hooray! Jeanie and I are going to go out climbing together tomorrow. It will be our first time leaving Jewell with someone for so long. So Grandma J got here this afternoon and we headed straight down to Fremont. I wanted to go down there because there is a Blown Glass studio there that I wanted to visit. I have a school assignment coming up where I am doing a marketing video. So I asked them if I could do it on their studio. James, the owner, was all for it. I'm pretty excited about that. We also stopped by a few other shops. There was one with an antique couch that Jewell totally matched. (Picture included).
Jewell and the Couch
Grandma J's Arrival
Grandma J Feeding Jewell

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