Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Park Revisited

Jewell and I went to the park again this week. It seems that the swings are no longer her favorite attraction there. Now she like trying to climb up the slides. She was also very interested in the Merry-go-round but I intercepted her before she could quite get herself into trouble there.

Also this week Jewell decided that taking naps isn't that important. She used to take a nap at noon every day. She would sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Now, on most days, she won't take a nap at all. Isn't one a bit young to stop taking naps? We think so, but try telling that to Jewell. (Turns out that our child is a bit strong willed. Surprised?)

I'm amazed the hat stayed on as long as it did.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Time

For those of you that don't know I work from home. Lately I've been doing some tedious programming for work. So I need to take somewhat frequent breaks to avoid getting burned out. Otherwise I end up asleep at my computer. So this last week for one of my breaks I decided to take Jewell to the park that's just down the street. She loves the swings!

We decided to give Jewell a little more freedom. Afterall she is 1 year old now so she ought to be able to pour her own cereal, right?

Kid Tested... Got a few of them in there.

Yesterday Jewell and I went to the library, the bike store, and to Greenlake park together. She helped the librarians reshelf some books (guess who pulled them off of the shelf in the first place?) at the library. At the bike store she gave some customers advice on which bike computer she preferred. (It just happened to be the one that was two feet off of the floor.) And at the park we had round 2 in the swings. (No pics this time—sorry.)

We did however find a perfect book for Jewell at the library. It's called Princess Baby.

We took Jewell to her friend Michael's birthday party today. She found a toy at his place that she loved. She loved it even more when she realized that we were all watching her!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekly Post

When I (Travis) first started this blog I was posting about 3 times a week. Now I seldom post more than once a month. So my late New Years Resolution is to have a weekly post that I put up every Sunday.

Jeanie has been working hard on this past week. We launched the site a week and a half ago after having a coming soon page up for a year. (That's about average right?) She's working hard to get the wedding section ready. That was the whole point of the site so we're pretty excited that will be up shortly.

Jewell milestones:
  • Using a fork to eat solid foods
  • Using a spoon to eat her own bowl of Cheerios (with supervision)
  • Going an entire day without a nap (not a good thing)
  • Eating peanut butter
  • standing for a good 1/2 second on her own
  • Hanging from a her first body harness at the climbing gym
  • Drinking cow's milk (organic)
  • Rocketing off the height chart (out of the 100th percentile)

And here's what you all really want to see. Pictures of Jewell!

Playing with her new dollie
Playing with Mommy's cell phone
Lookin' like a toddler
Munching her tofu at our favorite Pho restaurant on her birthday

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sorry about the technical difficulties with this post. Here are the pictures that were supposed to be there.