Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Time

For those of you that don't know I work from home. Lately I've been doing some tedious programming for work. So I need to take somewhat frequent breaks to avoid getting burned out. Otherwise I end up asleep at my computer. So this last week for one of my breaks I decided to take Jewell to the park that's just down the street. She loves the swings!

We decided to give Jewell a little more freedom. Afterall she is 1 year old now so she ought to be able to pour her own cereal, right?

Kid Tested... Got a few of them in there.

Yesterday Jewell and I went to the library, the bike store, and to Greenlake park together. She helped the librarians reshelf some books (guess who pulled them off of the shelf in the first place?) at the library. At the bike store she gave some customers advice on which bike computer she preferred. (It just happened to be the one that was two feet off of the floor.) And at the park we had round 2 in the swings. (No pics this time—sorry.)

We did however find a perfect book for Jewell at the library. It's called Princess Baby.

We took Jewell to her friend Michael's birthday party today. She found a toy at his place that she loved. She loved it even more when she realized that we were all watching her!

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xcdenke said...

Ahh... every day of my life! I never fail to find some kind of food on the floor. Although, cereal is their area of expertise.