Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Christmas in Utah

Here are a few highlights of our holiday vacation to Utah. My (Jeanie) parents live here, and had been dreaming of having all their kids and grandchildren "home" for the last Christmas we would celebrate in this house. This is our "dream come true" Christmas. This year was different for us in the way it was for many families this year: less shopping, more family, less extravagance, more old-fashioned card games. Not to say their wasn't a down-side: the weather was so snowy it was torture for Travis not to go skiing. We didn't get out as much as we'd hoped (Travis was working most of the days we were there) and I do regret not having more fun in the snow. All that, however, is not to be compared with the good times we had (as you can see). Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's (and new carpet!) What would Christmas morning be without toys? "Hey! Look what Santa brought me!" Some story time with "Grandma Great" "I'm ready for my close-up." Jewell joined us for a little trip to the climbing gym Jewell getting a feel for the holds Lookin' pretty happy Obviously these kids love Grandma J My brother David with his little boy Exploring the stockings Travis helping Jewell learn to climb up (and down) the stairs Cousins playing together Playing at the airport In our Seattle apartment, our attempts to photograph Jewell in her little Christmas dress


BrittWilk said...

yeah for a new post! i'm glad we got to see you guys while you were here! :)

KZ said...

Your little girl is so happy!! Wished we could of seen you guys.. times were crazy around and at christmas! Hope you guys are doing awesome in Seattle, hope to visit sometime:) Happy New Year