Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy First Birthday Jewell!

One year ago today Jewell Lorraine Nelson was born. She weighed 8 lbs 11 oz and was 20 inches long. Today she is much bigger than that! (24 lbs 31 inches)

She has brought such joy into our lives. A smile or a giggle is never far away when Jewell is around. That's not to say that she's never grumpy -- but so often the remedy for that is a little game we like to call "peek-a-boo". I'm pretty sure that we made it up (just like my Dad invented fry sauce).

Jewell loves making monster noises. I'd have to say that I encourage that a bit but what can I say? It hilarious when a little one-year-old is crawling around growling like she a big monster. In addition to monster noises she babbles quite a bit. It is absolutely adorable. She makes all kinds of cute noises punctuated by inflections indicating questions, statements, demands, complaints, etc. All in all she's quite the communicator -- now if we could just understand what she's communicating...

Obviously I could go on and on about how wonderful my little birthday girl is. So I will... Just kidding. But I will leave you with some lists. What good blog post doesn't have lists in it!

Jewell's favorite books:
  • Where the Wild Thing Are
  • Zolo ABZ
  • I Can Fly
  • Hello Kitty Color
  • Toot & Puddle
Jewell's unique personality:
  • growling (real, scarry growling)
  • developing a fondness for binkies after 9 months old
  • love of chocolate
  • spunk to match her red hear


Kaaz said...

Happy Birthday Jewel!!! Can you believe she's one?! I love your birthday announcement! I'm going to go ally's room in elephants.. i was looking at your papernut!! Wow, thats a great website.. you are so talented!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy Late Birthday Jewell! I can't believe she is already 1!?!

Tysha said...

WOW! Time really does fly! Happy Birthday, Jewell! What a happy, cute, bright little girl you've become - living up to your sparkly name :)

ps- Jacob, Sawyer, and I would love to tag along to the climbing gym with you sometime!