Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sleeping On Daddy

Sleeping On Daddy, originally uploaded by longroper.

Jewell didn't sleep too well on her first couple of nights home. Last night she was wonderful though. This morning she stayed awake laying on my chest and she was being such a cutie. Up till now most of the time that she's been awake she's been either eating or crying. So it exciting when she stays awake and is just chillin'.

The picture on this post is the morning of her first night home. That night she wouldn't sleep in her bassinet so we ended up having her sleep on our chests.


Tysha & Jacob said...

I'm sure she loves lying on your chest and hearing the familiar sound of your heartbeat :) She is very sweet! We saw Jeanie's mom at church today and heard you decided to go au natural at the last minute - CONGRATS!!! Way to go, Jeanie! Hope you are feeling better every day recovering and learning how to be parents! You will be great!

Colleen said...

Great pictures Travis. I'm impressed! Colleen