Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dr. Mario

I have found a new name for addiction and it is Dr. Mario. So yesterday I was fooling around on the internet. (In case you don't know that's a thing that Al Gore invented.) I decided that I wanted to get some more ROMs for my Nindendo emulator. So I found a site that gave the top 100 NES games to get some suggestions on the best games to download. One of the games on that list was Dr. Mario. In the last 24 hours I have played Dr. Mario for at least 6 hours and maybe more. (That might not seem like much but I don't exactly have 6 hours to spare.) My sister Tiffany and I spent all of last evening playing. And I can't stop thinking about going and playing some more right now. I believe that Tiffany has caught this addiction also. Her eyes lit up when I mentioned that I might bring the Xbox (modded with NES emulator) home with me this weekend. Just the mere thought of playing some more Dr. Mario glazes my eyes over and all I see are little pills falling into a bottle. Kind of ironic that a video game about drugs falling into a pill bottle is addictive isn't it?

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Mrs N said...

You guys are seriously SICK. But since I am currently addicted to Bingo Luau (eh, lame I KNOW), I guess I can't talk!