Saturday, November 21, 2009

Summer to Fall, Seattle to Selah

Lots of changes! Jewell is almost 22 months old now! She has given up bottles and naps months ago (above photo taken in June), and her babbles are turning into a constant stream of new words.

We have made the big move out of the big city out to the Yakima area. Selah, actually. It's a little over 2 hours from Seattle. We miss our friends and the greenery (and the zoo!) but we are relishing all the space in our new place and are making friends.

Here's some photos of us during our last few months in Seattle...

Travis' birthday cake (June 21), and some other cooking creations including a homemade blackberry pie made with locally picked berries, and some lemon cookies.
Travis and Jewell have both really enjoyed the iPhone
Snuggling with Daddy...
...and Mommy
Jewell and Lambkin walking to the park
Gasworks park with Trevor and Amanda (they came to visit and go to a Seahawks game)
Visiting cousins and family in Milton-Freewater (Mason and Jewell getting some energey out at Church)
This year, there was lots of sunshine in Seattle
Renae, Jewell and I celebrating at Noah's Bagels in Capitol Hill after helping move her stuff to a new studio apartment
I will miss Licton Springs park
We moved on Halloween...and just made it to the Selah 1st Ward Halloween party.
Jewell loves to dress need for a holiday
Some staples: Cheerios and yogurt
Room to run and play at our new place


Diana said...

Ahh! Look at that house and yard! We miss you guys. We will have to make a trip to visit soon. These pictures are gorgeous. Jewell is gorgeous. And that picture of Amanda and Trevor is gorgeous. Perfect shot of seattle in the background as well.

RORYJEAN said...

We miss you! Jewel looks more and more like you... I can't believe how much older she looks in those last pictures. What a cutie pie. Also, your new place looks awesome! I bet Jewel loves the yard. Let us know when you are over this way- it would be fun to get together.