Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daddy's Haircut

Well last Friday was the day for my semi-annual haircut. I have wanted to get it cut for a while but I couldn't justify getting an expensive haircut and I didn't want a cheap one. So my solution up until now was to just not get it cut. My last haircut was in December.

So on Monday (tomorrow) I have a job interview. Jeanie decided that I needed to get a haircut for the interview. So she made me an appointment at the local beauty school. I rode my bike on down (my current means of transportation since we parked one of our cars) and got my hair cut.

So if you're thinking I've been building up to something such as "it was the worst haircut ever" you're going to be disappointed. The haircut is fine. Of course there is a punchline -- it turns out that the interview is going to be a phone interview.

Last Picture With My Long Hair

The New Hairdo (Jewell included to make me look better)


Diana said...

I really like the cut. I think it looks really good. And that is too funny that it was a phone interview.

BrittWilk said...

yeah!! 3 cheers for travis with short hair! i was just looking at a picture my mom had yesterday of you at thanksgiving that year we climbed at the gorge and was thinking "short hair is a good look for travis." i continue to be correct in that opinion. :) i like it!

p.s. jeanie and i talked about everything BUT your prospective jobs the other day. how goes it?

Travis said...

I'm waiting to hear back on a Web Development (programming) job that I interviewed for earlier this week.

I have some prospective film work but it doesn't pay very much. I've been shooting some interviews on the street for a feature documentary on Hippies. I am going to help edit another feature documentary that will be shooting this fall.

I am interested in shooting weddings so I may get into that but probably not until next year. I've sort of missed the boat on this season. (Summers are big for weddings.)